Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finally, I'm back!

Sorry for the delay in posts...Gustav came through Louisiana and gave me a week long hurrication (that's a combination of hurricane evacuation and vacation for those of you who aren't familiar with the term) in the Great Smoky Mountains. Ike hit a few days later, causing me to evacuate again to higher ground, since I live on Lake Pontchartrain and the water kept rising and rising and rising, luckily sparing me any damage (a few feet more and that wouldn't have been the case!). Losing the week of work caused me to work a LOT of overtime to prepare for our accreditation site visit. Finally, that's over with and hopefully, now I can take a breath!

Now, don't think I didn't find time for a little fun in there--Scrapfest is a 3 day, 45 hour crop that is held in Mandeville, LA each Spring and Fall. They have lots of giveaways, vendors, classes--all the fun things you look for when going to a scrap retreat! It's such a blessing to be able to meet up with my friends each time, sometimes not having seen them for a whole year in between, and just really relax and work on projects. I am happy to say that I created over 100 things while I was there--45 baby announcements, and over 50 Christmas gifts, which I can't really talk about since some people who stalk my blog may be getting those gifts! It was alot of fun, needless to say!

I made a big Papertrey order before Scrapfest and finally got the Quilter's Sampler set...let me tell you, I LOVE IT! I'm on a quilting kick, since Mish got me all stirred up and into it with her lovely card creations, and her suggestion to read the Elm Creek Quilt novels. I am so into those books and of course, when you read them, you totally want to quilt! I am NOT getting another hobby, but I will continue to make some cute stuff with this set, I can promise you that! I missed making cards yesterday for WCMD, but I am sharing one that I made during Scrapfest.
Sorry for the bad picture, but I used the pink patterns 6 x 6 paper pad from Papertrey, along with the new Quilter's Sampler set. The ink colors were Berry Sorbet and Sweet Blush Palette ink. I paperpieced the quilt blocks and added some button accents...don't you love it! I found that mini ric rac at Scrapfest and had to buy a bunch in all sorts of colors just so I'd have it to tie through those clear Foof-a-la buttons since it turned out SO CUTE! I have more to show you but my picture software is acting up so I'll try again tomorrow.

Hope your Sunday is restful--I'll be doing laundry and going to church later--no big plans thank goodness!

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Maria said...

Such a pretty card. I love the layout and the pink color. .. very feminine looking. Great job.

Glad to hear that all is okay and that you were spared any damage!! Sorry to hear of all your overtime!!