Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Counting down to the Olympics!

So, I had to do the Wal-Mart/grocery shopping thing last night so I didn't have any time to stamp! I was exhausted (and $133 lighter!) by the time I made it back home.

I did have to watch the Teen Choice awards--I know what you're thinking--Linzi, you are SO not a teen. Well, that's right, BUT, I do college and youth ministry at my church, for those of you who don't know me. Right now, a huge thing at our church is dance 'crews' and all the movies that go along with it. I have a huge respect for anyone that can dance the way these people can dance--I mean, I can barely shake my booty, much less do flips, headstands, you name, anyway, on the TC awards last night, there was a 'dance off' between Miley Cyrus and her crew and the ACDC, who is the crew in the movie Step Up 2. I thought they both did a good job, but, in case you watched it too, I was NOT thinking that Miley's crew 'won!' ACDC was definitely and is definitely the best! Here's a link to what started it all. You can watch all their 'battles' online, and I'm sure by tomorrow you'll be able to find the TC performances on YouTube.

Well, I digressed, but I did want to post a little bit about the Olympics--I am a HUGE Olympics fan...I watch EVERYTHING, even if I don't particularly like the sport or know anything about the sport. I think these Olympians are so special--I mean, God has graced these people with such a huge talent and they have really used what God has given them. I have such respect for them. I know a lot of people don't really care, but watching is just a small part of it--knowing the stories of these athletes can take it to another level. One interesting story I took note of today was a story I found on There is a family that has three siblings competing for gold--all in Taekwondo on the U.S. Olympic team. WOW! That's awesome...Here's the link for that story.

I hope all of you try and get into the spirit of things--these people are competing for our country, standing up for everything we believe in and trying to make us proud. We should make them proud too, by knowing we're back home cheering them on...

Hope you have a great day! I hope that I'll have something to post card-wise for you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I'm so with you on the dance-off... ACDC so rocked it out... I love Miley & all but let's be honest... she's not the best dancer I've seen!! Even the crowd agreed by chipping in tons of "Boo's"...
Go Team USA--all the way!! :) I know you're counting down the days, hence the office decor & all ;) ~Karly