Saturday, August 2, 2008

Woohoo for Saturdays!

Well, happy Saturday to you! I am having a GREAT weekend so far...a little relaxing, some obligations, some errands, you know the drill! However, I did find some time to make a friend of mine a birthday present!

I have a stamping 'hero' so to speak...I don't think she knows it, but Michelle Wooderson over at Mish Mash is my all time favorite stamper--I mean, all time! I strive to be like her when I grow up, I swear. She is my Becky Higgins (those of you who know her know what that means!) :) We sort of have this love hate relationship...I love to look at her blogs and some days I am so in awe, and then some days I feel like such a sucky stamper, saying 'why, oh why, can't my stuff look like hers?!' I have never met Michelle, but if for some chance she does get over here to my blog, I would just tell her thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the inspiration she's brought me! I swear, she does things I would never think to do. And they're simple! That's what I love about her designs, just simple, sleek and heartwarming. Thank you for inspiring me, Michelle!

Anyway, I cased an idea she had for my cards today...I had been seeing her make these note card sets which were just adorable, and I have to say, something I made of hers finally looks almost as good as hers!

I started off with some awesome K and Company paper. I found it at Target--it's the Sophie line of papers. This pad is special, because it's 12x12. I am so not a 12x12 paper girl--I am a cheapie so I buy mat packs 85% of the time. But, this one I just could NOT pass up! I matched it up with some CTMH cardstock--sweet leaf, blush and buttercup. In case you all were wondering, yes, I am a CTMH representative, so that's why you'll always see me using CTMH cardstock and ink. I use all sorts of other things, but I started using CTMH and I'm pretty loyal when it comes to the basics like their ink and cardstock. Anyway, I made bases for my notecards--5 1/2" by 4 1/4" inches. I put a piece of white on top of that piece--5 1/4" by 4". I made 4" x 1" strips of the patterned paper and then used my SU! scalloped punch to make the background for my stamped pieces. I have had this stamp FOREVER and never could figure out what to do with the small image...VOILA...I love it! I got it from Hobby Lobby--it's Hampton Arts Angel Blessings, in case you wanted to know.

Anyway, what do you think? Did I do Michelle proud?! I hope so! Here's the link to Michelle's set. I wish I had those itty bittys she has. I love the birds and the nest! I also hope my friend likes them! Hope your weekend is relaxing--I am so not looking forward to the laundry tomorrow! :) Don't forget to go check out Michelle's blog!


Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

THese are adorable!

Kendra said...

Very pretty! I'm sure Michelle would love them.


Anonymous said...

Aww Linzi.. Michelle's are great and so are yours! When I look at the stuff you create, I feel like you do looking at Michelle's!! This is a great gift idea...can I pick your brain for something I could make for my friend Jenny's b-day? It's today but she's on vacay right now. BTW-I have that same patterned paper from Target.. I use it in my scrapbooks ALOT! ~Karly